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60-Second Novelist - New York

60-Second Novelist for hire. Our live event novelist is available to book for gala dinners, corporate events or brand activations in London & the UK.

Dan has been performing at corporate and private events as the "world's only 60-Second Novelist" for over 25 years. With an antique manual typewriter, he talks to guests for two or three minutes, gets a sense of who they are, finds out something interesting about them, then instantly types their "life story" in a "minute". He then reads it to them, signs it with a fountain pen, and gives it to them, with a printed "jacket" on the opposite side of the paper to make it look like it's inside a book. Guests open up to him about marriage and romance, their work, their dreams and whatever is going on for them.

Dan has written 60-Second Novels for Michael Bloomberg (former mayor of NYC), Brad Pitt, Whoopie Goldberg and many other prestigious people. His past clients include; Google, HBO, IBM, Selfridges and much more.  


60-Second Novelist for hire. Book our live event novelist for gala dinners in the UK & London.
Live Event Novelist for hire. Book our 60-second novelist for corporate events in the UK & London.
Our novelist is available to book for product launches in London & the UK.
Hire our 60-Second Novelist is available to book for brand activations in London & the UK.

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