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Aerial Air Dancers

Air Dancers for hire. Our aerial dancer acrobat act is available to book for gala dinners, brand activations or corporate events in London & the UK.

The stage is alive with acrobatic and aerial dancers - this brilliant show is filled with graceful dance routines, which incorporate an essence of the wind. The interpretation of the lithe modern dance combines itself with these excellent artists who perform dance routines whilst suspended in the air. Our aerial dancers have an effortless presentation of strength and skill that fuses together to create a unique form of entertainment.

We can combine this unique dancing aerial act with extremely strong wind machines letting the aerial dancers perform a spectacular show whilst flowing harmoniously above your guests. This aerial acrobatic show is a feast for the eyes. The aerial dancers perform with a seamless elegance that sure takes your guest's breath away. For the Air Dancers’ performance, it is all about skilful play with the wind. The dancers and artists offer a fantastic setting for any big event or show. Combine art and entertainment with the power of nature. Bring a fresh and unique entertainment option to your corporate event. 

This is a truly awe-inspiring act for any corporate event, private party, gala dinner and more. If you are looking for some form of bespoke entertainment or bespoke shows which have never been seen before then this is one to consider. We can also work direct with clients to create an aerial dancing show based on a specific product or corporate brand. We offer a wide range in aerial entertainers and circus themed entertainment. 

Air Dancers

Take a look at some of these brilliant aerial performers and aerial acrobatic dancers in action. They can perform for large stage shows and arena shows. This particular show was for a German TV show where 4 Air Dancers created a stunning spectacle for all of the guests whilst a stage show was being performed with singers and stage dancers. 

If you would like to view more acrobatic shows to book for product launches, then please take a look at our Pinterest board below. We also have a second Pinterest board where you can view more talented dancers to hire as entertainment for gala dinners, corporate events or bespoke events in London & the UK.