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Ainsley Harriott


Celebrity chef and household name Ainsley Harriott is one of everyone favourite TV chef personalities. With over 18 years as a popular TV host there’s no doubt as to why everyone considers Ainsley to be such a culinary legend. With a certain level of enthusiasm of everything he does, Ainsley shares his love for life in every production he features in.

At the modest age of 16 Ainsley landed himself a position as a junior trainee in a huge west end restaurant. Within years, Ainsley found himself cooking his meals on the BBC for everyone to share!

In 1994 the infamous cooking show Ready Steady Cook absolutely took over daytime television and slingshot Ainsley into the public eye. With a spoonful of enthusiasm a sprinkle of flamboyancy, Ainsley turned everyone into chefs over night. Although Ainsley began as a celebrity chef on the speed cooking show, it wasn’t long before his powerful personality burst through and made him the host that everyone wants. The show was an instant success and became one of the longest running cooking shows to date.

In the past 20 years we have seen Ainsley travel the globe, creating a hefty list of television treats for the UK to sink their teeth into, including, Ainsley’s Big Cook Out, 50 Things to Eat Before You Die, Gourmet Express, Ainsley’s Barbeque Bible, Ainsley’s Meals in Minutes and most recently joined the prestigious team of the great British food revival.

As one of the the most iconic TV chef personalities, Ainsley Harriott marks for the ideal person to host your even. With a high amount of enthusiasm for people and such strong media experience you are guaranteed to have no regrets. He interacts with his audience with whit, humour and charm, as he takes you through a ride of laughter and intrigue.

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