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Assembling the Ideas 

This client approached us to design and build him an exhibition stand for an aviation exhibition that would stand out from the rest. The only thing he asked for was that it was Alice in Wonderland themed and gave us complete creative control over the design, trusting us to design a bespoke stand that would in his words ‘cause a stir’. We were tasked with creating all the bespoke props and visuals, managing the setup and supplying staff and entertainment. Ever thought you’d see a Twisted Alice themed aviation repairs stand? No, neither did we.

The client requested:

•    Us to create a stand that would ‘cause a stir’ at the exhibition

•    That the stand was Alice in Wonderland themed

•    Bespoke design and build of set, visuals and props

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Adding our Expertise

The stand was insane. Our client’s directors were extremely impressed when they arrived just after installation and it’s safe to say that wasn’t quite what they were expecting. The bespoke set design was outrageous, incorporating some of the craziest psychedelic visuals that caught the eye of everyone at the exhibition and got people flocking over to the stand. They were then encouraged to stay with the free bar that we supplied complete with Alice in Wonderland themed staff. 

•    We supplied all resources installation process

•    We supplied free bar complete with staff

•    We bespoke built all visuals and props

•    We designed a unique set and stand concept

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Admiring the Results

This project was a huge success. The stand attracted vast crowds of people all day long and the exhibition organisers had to get security to ask everyone to leave at the end of the day because people were having so much fun … at an aviation exhibition. People were constantly taking pictures, creating a huge buzz on social media for our client. This was crazy, outside the box approach to designing an exhibition stand and we really enjoyed working on it.

What we achieved:

•    Mass social media hysteria caused as result of the stand

•    Stand was constantly surrounded by huge crowds of people 

•    Client was over the moon with the exposure gained 

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