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Alice in Wonderland Themed Event Production

We are a company that can provide themed production services and ideas for Alice in Wonderland events.

At Julia Charles Event Management, we do everything we can to send you and your guests twirling down the rabbit hole at our Alice in Wonderland themed event productions. Alice in wonderland is a perfect theme for any function, including weddings, birthdays, family fun days and more! 

Here a just some of the Alice in Wonderland themed production services we have to offer:

  • Alice in Wonderland walkabout characters
  • Themed props and venue decorations
  • Themed audio and visual displays
  • Themed catering services
  • Themed venue dressing
  • And more!


If you would like to learn how you can turn your event into a mad tea party, then simply call today.

Video of Our Alice in Wonderland Dinner Party Setup at the Grove, Watford

In this video, you can see the different features that went into theming this spectacular themed event. This video was shot during the setup of this event and includes unique table centrepieces, fantasy venue dressing and giant props! 

For more amazing videos, take a look at our YouTube Channel by clicking the video.

Let's Create 

Why book an Alice in Wonderland party or event? 

When planning your next event, why not change things up with our quirky party ideas. All our Disney events are created completely bespoke for you with a completely original room design for every function.

This movie style event production is not only perfect for parties; you can even consider for creation Alice themed wedding events! Our Alice style weddings have proven to be a great idea due to its mysterious, wonderful and adventurous qualities.

This theme can be added to a wide array of functions, from birthdays, tea parties, weddings, gala dinner events and all other forms of celebrations. As well as offering a range of event theming and props for hire, we also supply entertainment! Alice on stilts, the mad hatter character for hire, Cheshire cat aerial performers, the red queen and plenty more. 

Another great way to use this theme is through award ceremonies and gala dinner events. By using vibrant lighting, venue decorations, walkabout characters and other unique items to have at events, you can send your guest straight down the rabbit hole.

Ideas for "Through the Looking Glass" theming

Our party themes are exactly what you need to blow your guest's minds and send them down the rabbit hole for a night of Disney themes, movie entertainment, themed dining, stage performances and more.

We have managed hundreds of wonderland events for luxury clients around the world and have truly seen it all. So, if its giant Alice in wonderland props you want, to hire drink me bottles, book Cheshire cat characters or a themed doorway, we’ve got you covered.

With the release of Tim Burton’s epic take on the Alice in wonderland story, weddings for this theme, Disney themed events and Alice tea parties have massively taken off as one of the best themes for a fun night!

How can I use this theme for my event?

As you can imagine, themed event productions can be offered for a wide range of events, some of which are extremely popular. For example, wonderland themed parties are an extremely popular event in the UK as the “down the rabbit hole” theme creates a unique and interesting atmosphere for your guests. Another popular idea for event theming is to feature our Disney theme in weddings. This theme is an excellent idea for wedding events as it expresses the wonder and mystery of your magical day.

Another event type that uses this style of fairytale theme very well is film launches! As the years go by, movies around this theme are being released more regularly, meaning they are in high demand for movie premier event, after parties and through the looking glass screenings.

Conferences, exhibitions and trade show theming

Another way to use this style of fairytale theming is by using it at corporate events such as trade shows, conferences and exhibition shows. Some good ideas for gaining foot traffic at a themed trade show stand is using flowers, Cheshire cat backdrops, tea samples, eat me cakes, drink me bottles and other fun features. 

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