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Horror themed events created by our events team for hire in London and the UK

Assembling the Ideas 

We have worked with this client on a number of occasions, and this time they tasked us with providing bespoke set and marquee designs that would run from their front garden into their back garden. Having worked with us before, they trusted us with full control over concept, production and management aspects of the event. Their only request was for it to be as scary as possible, so once we established that the client loved the TV series ‘American Horror Stories’, we got started with the difficult designs that would scare the daylight out of anyone!  *For the second instalment, see American Horry Story Part 2*

The event needed to be:

•    Client trusted us with complete control over concept and design

•    Bespoke set and marquee designed to incorporate both front and back garden spaces

•    Made to be as scary as humanly possible upon clients request!

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Adding our Expertise

We decided the best way to incorporate the chosen theme would be to trick guests into thinking they were at a high end party when they entered at the front of the house, but in fact they were about taken to a room of nightmares as they made their way to the back. We thought this best represented how unwitting victims are deceived by rich but sinister villains in the TV show. Our chilling range of entertainment included a possessed contortionist, disturbing walkabout acrobats and an undead lady being zapped in an electric chair!

•    We created concept from scratch that scared the life out of everyone!

•    We created detailed bespoke design that ran from front to back garden

•    We managed the entire event from planning to preparation, to delivery

•    We supplied a full bespoke production

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Admiring the Results

It’s safe to say that each and every attendee was absolutely terrified on arrival! No one was expecting just how scary we could make it, not even the clients. After the initial fright, the party moved on to be a fun and social event, with the horror of the first few minutes providing guests with plenty to talk about for the rest of the night. Our client was delighted with what we achieved for them, and shortly after started making plans with us for the following year’s event - American Horror Story 2.

We achieved:

•    The entertainment and set design left guests petrified!

•    The client was thrilled with the bespoke layout of our marquee design

•    The concept went down really well with the client and proved her right to trust us 

The client got in touch to say - ‘I've had so many texts this week saying it was the best party. We are so grateful for all your hard work and ideas.’

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