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Amir Khan - World Champion Boxer

Boxing legend Amir Khan is one of the most talented boxing sportsmen of his generation, and one of the UK’s highest-ranking boxers. At just 17 years old, Amir’s boxing career was rocketed to new levels after winning his first silver medal in the 2004 Olympic games in Athens. With an inspiring professional fight record to his name, Amir became World Light Welterweight champion in 2009 after his heart stopping fight against Andreas Kotelnik.

Amir’s instant escalation to fame launched him into the spotlight and subsequently resulted in his receiving a high-end sponsorship contract with Rebok and Harrods. With a record set in stone during his professional career, Amir boasts an impressive 7 out of 7 wins.

Recognised as one of the highest ranked men in the boxing world, Amir has received overjoyed responses in Britain, the US and beyond, as a boxing miracle. Although Amir has dominated the boxing world with several world titles, Amir remains extremely humble, driven and focused on success. The UK sporting legend is without a doubt one of the youngest stars to have emerged from boxing.

Aside from the sporting success, Amir is also well known for being extremely generous towards fund raising and charity work. Having helped raise £1 million for victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Amir also flew to the refugee camps during the aftermath to try and help raise spirits as well as money.

In addition to being one of Britain’s finest sportsmen, Amir also proves himself as an excellent boxing speaker and after dinner host. With an extremely magnetic personality, Amir radiates star quality during his cheeky talking delivery to an audience of any event.

Amir’s experience as a highly respected and successful boxer translates perfectly into his engaging and accomplished boxing speaker, sports speaker and event hosting skills. His inspiring and motivating delivery is extremely versatile to suit any client brief, with determination, dedication and success.