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Animal and creature stilt walkers

Bat stilt walkers


This page is dedicated to stilt walkers with an animal or insect them or costuming. These stilt are popular at nature, wildlife and Eco themed events.

Our animal stilt walkers have  appeared at family fun days,promotional events, fetes,galas, as well as corporate events, Zoo's and wildlife parks and provide great family friendly entertainment.

Our stilt walkers are able to perform indoors our out all year round and are available to hire in London and across the UK.Our animal themed  Stilt walkers are a great family friendly entertainment option an can be utilised in many ways, they often appear in carnival procession, but can also be used on a more interactive level and more of a mix and mingle act, for example handing out promotional items or balloon if needed.

Our animal and insect themed stilt walkers include boxing Kangaroos on bouncing stilts, Forest Fauns, dragon fly stilt walkers, an Ostrich stilt and rider stilt walker, Bumble Bee stilt walker, stilt walking bats and brightly coloured Birds of paradise stilt walkers.


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Boxing kangaroo stilt walker
Forest Fauns stilt walking duo
Dragonfly stilt walker
Ostrich stilt walker
Bumble bee stilt walkers
Insect stilt walker
Forns on stilts
Urban garden creature
stilt walking bats
Mother nature and Green man, Eco themed stilt walkers
Birds of Paradise stilt walkers
Bug stilt walkers