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Ant-Man Character - Belfast, UK

Ant-Man for hire. Our Ant-Man can be hired in the UK.

One of the newest and most unique additions to the Marvel cinematic Universe, Ant-Man has broken the superhero mould in both his independent movie and in Captain America: Civil War.

When hosting your next Marvel themed/ superhero themed event, why not consider one of the newest avengers, to come and entertain your guests. This Ant-Man performer comes equip in a complete movie standard costume, as well as having an amazing performance of everyone’s favourite insect hero. 

This character is perfect for creating the full Civil War team and is based in Belfast, UK. You can book our Ant-Man character for events around the UK as the main attraction or a simple addition to your superhero event.

Get ready to suit up and fight some crime with our luxury Ant-Man performer, but remember to watch your step, as he could be fighting the evil yellow suit as we speak! 

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