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Aquatica Solo Swimming Show - Germany


Aquatica is quite simply a stunning showcase of acrobats and swimming routines. This unique and bespoke show is performed in a custom made giant fish bowl. The show is well lit with UV and LED lighting meaning the acrobat is seen both beneath and above the water. The performer subtlety moves around the bowl splashing water and performing handstands and acrobatics choreographed to music and lighting which makes this synchronised water performance one to remember. 

If you are looking for any water-themed entertainment or water themed performances for your event then give us a call. Or you can take a look at some of our video footage below of this show in action. 

Aquatica Swimming Show for hire. Book our swimming acrobat for gala dinners in the UK & London.
Solo Swimming Show for hire. Book our Aquatica performer for award ceremonies in London & the UK.
Acrobatic Swimming Show for hire. Book our solo swimming performer for corporate events in London & the UK.
Swimming Show for hire. Book our acrobatic swimmer for product launches in London & the UK.

Aquatic Water Performance

For this acrobatic water show, the artist's magic and the special lighting convert the stage of the venue into a place of pure magic. Nothing stands on the stage except an enormous glass bowl full of water. 

Flowing movements of acrobatics, ballet, dance, and water acrobatics combine to create a stunning performance. The audience is sure to be captivated by this amazing performer. 

It seems as if the artist and the water are one. Then she rises high above the hemisphere and escapes from the element. The special attraction of water makes this gala show a guaranteed highlight for any sort of event. Whether for an anniversary, gala or company event you need nothing except a place for the glass bowl, the right light, enough water and a little time for the magical moments.

If you would like to view more water performances and synchronised swimming shows to hire for award ceremonies, then please take a look at our Pinterest board below. We also have a second Pinterest board where you can view more nautical-themed entertainment to book for corporate events in London & the UK.