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Arty Face Painters for Hire

Halloween face painters for hire in London.

With over 11 years of experience in face painting and body art, our professional range of talented artists are able to do a huge range of spectacular designs!

Reasons to hire these artists 

•    Available for 1-6 hours

•    12-15 face paintings an hour

•    Many different themes available

•    Great reviews from previous events 

•    Previous clients include Virgin & Mothercare

For more Face painting services, head over to our Pinterest pages below.

If you would like to see some more of the artistic services we have available in the UK, you can find our full selection of artists on our Pinterest page. We also offer an even wider range of family friendly face painters that you can also find below!

Our Professional face painter has years of experience and is able to create a wide range of face paintings and body art to suit the needs of the guests at your event. 

The face painting artist is able to create unique body art and face paintings that your guests would like. Our Face painter can create princess face paintings, UV face paintings, Glitter paintings and more. The professional face painter has a large amount of experience and face painting skill and therefore would be perfect for any event whether it be a family fun day or a Halloween themed event.

Our face painter and face painting artist can offer between 12-15 face paintings per hour and the professional face painter can attend your event from one hour to six hours depending on the requirements of each individual event. 

The professional face painter and face painting artist can create UV face painting for festivals and UV themed events and can create children’s face painting for family fun days and children’s private events.

Our professional face painter and face painting artist has worked with previous clients such as Virgin, Mothercare, Westminster and more providing high standard face painting. This highlights that our face painting artist is popular and well sought after because of the face painters body art and face painting skills 

Our face painter and face painting artist have incredible feedback from previous clients stating that the professional face painter is ‘Incredible’ and ‘highly recommended’ emphasising that the face painting artist has extensive knowledge and skill in body art and face painting.

 Hire our face painting artist and professional face painter for your corporate event, family fun day or wedding in London. Our face painting artist is available to book to create fantastic body art and face paintings that your guests will love. The face painter is available to book for events in London and the UK.