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Here at Julia Charles Event Management, we specialise in producing the highest quality of award ceremony and gala dinners. In the UK, award ceremonies are an integral part of any end of the conference event. Our bespoke event management system will ensure the smoothest transition from the day to the evening event. Our experienced creative team will always have everything covered for your event in the UK. We will guarantee a stress-free journey from concept to completion and beyond. 

Experts in Award Ceremony Event Management and Live Event Production Company

If you are looking to plan an award ceremony, want to put on a live event or hold a corporate gala dinner; then chances are you will need some help. Initially, it may seem like a simple job, but the reality is that there is a lot more planning and organisation involved than you would imagine. That is where Julia Charles Event Management can help.

With over 15 years of experience to fall back on and a friendly, professional and effective team, we can manage the production of live events, award ceremonies, gala dinners and much more. Having worked extensively in the events industry for nearly two decades we know how to produce an event that will exceed the expectations of our clients. So if you are looking for the best live event production company to manage your gala dinner or award ceremony, then we would love to help.

Key Services

Hiring a Guest Speaker or Host for your Event

This may seem like one of the easier jobs, after all, how hard can it be to book a guest speaker or even a celebrity host? Well, it is usually a lot harder than you think. Most websites will not let you book the speaker directly and will send off an enquiry to their agent. Using different booking websites to contact the same speaker, trying to get the best price, can actually work against you as the booking agent may decide that you are not serious.

This is where it helps to work with a company who is used to dealing directly with guest speakers, celebrities and their agents. At Julia Charles Event Management we have built up some great relationships with booking agents and their clients so can help you not only get the best prices, but also get you the person you want. We will also make sure all the details are covered including technical elements such as equipment being used and stage information to the type of speech and whether your speaker will need to write new material. 

Planning and Organisation

At the heart of any live event, whether it be a gala dinner, award ceremony or a corporate event, is the planning and organisation. This is where our team can really help by getting to know your needs and understand what you are looking to achieve. Our team are passionate about creating spectacular events for our clients and strongly believe in building long lasting relationships during the planning and design stages.

When it comes to organisation this is where we really excel. Having put in place a detailed event plan our team will get to work to make sure your award ceremony, gala dinner or corporate event is a success. From the venue hire and lighting to theming and catering, we can manage all aspects of your event and take the stress away from you. We are a specialist live event production company and are experts in gala dinner and award ceremony event management.

Examples Of Exceptional Events

Live Event Services and Production

From indoor events to outdoor live events we can manage the production of all types of live events from concept to completion. So if you are looking to hold a live event and need help to manage it then we would be happy to help. Our specialist production team can work with you and can manage everything from AV equipment hire and staging to catering and entertainment hire. Whether you are planning a fashion show, a gala dinner or a concert, we are happy to help and deliver a spectacular event that is tailored to your budget.

We regularly work with clients in London as well as throughout the UK to deliver live events that our customers love and that we are proud of. From set design and theming to projections and entertainment, we can offer a full range of services that are completely tailored to your event. 

Venue Dressing and Theming

Whether you already have a venue in mind, or would like some help choosing somewhere suitable, we can work with you to transform your ideas from paper designs to real-world sets. The visual elements are extremely important when dressing a venue as it is these elements that will help transform the venue and create the finished theme. The venue dressing and theming process involves set design and creating staging as well as also looking at complementary services such as venue lighting.

Video presentations can also be created using the latest AV technology which will help add an extra element to your event and we can even offer the option of live streaming your event to help you reach a bigger audience. Whatever your event production needs, at Julia Charles Event Management we are happy to help.

Book an Event Production Company

From creating a themed company event to organising a corporate event, at Julia Charles Event Management we are an experienced and professional event production agency that works with clients in London and throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships with our clients and helping to simplify the whole event production process for our customers. All of our quotes are clear and precise which will help you see exactly what you are getting for the money with no hidden extras or surprises along the way.

With over 15 years of experience, we have detailed knowledge of the events industry and have worked with all types of clients along the way. From big name brands such as Samsung, Vodafone and Mercedes-Benz to independent corporate clients, our service is always delivered to the highest possible standard. To get a quote or find out more about our venue theming, dressing and event production services get in touch with us today on 01908 969 322.