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Bear Grylls

Well recognised as one of the most talented survival specialists, Bear Grylls is now know for being the man who can survive in any environment. With a background in the military bear knows how important teamwork and leadership, which he now discusses as a leadership speaker.

Bear began to build his knowledge of expedition and survival on the isle of white (UK) where he gained the skills to climb and sail from his late Father. Bears career began in the British Special Forces, serving in the SAS. It was here he perfected a stockpile of key skills that would late be enjoyed by the masses on his television show “Bear Grylls : Born Survivor”. As someone that has faced some of the harshest environments on the plant, Bear Grylls makes for an extremely interesting dinner speaker.

Although he broke his back in 3 different places whilst performing a free fall parachute in Africa he underwent multiple months of military rehabilitation, Bear reaches the summit of Mt Everest in time to still be one of the youngest climbers to ever achieve the task

His extraordinary story of recovery, overcoming of adversity and triumph led him to because the host and star of Emmy nominated Man vs. Wild as well as Born Survivor on the discovery channel. Both of his shows are ranked as some of the most watched programmes across the globe (reaching over 1.2 billion viewers) Respected, charismatic and interesting. Bear is one of the most well accomplished TV personalities in the world.

When he’s not being filmed, Bear continues his quest for adventure from traveling through Antarctica to surviving the arctic, which has in turn raised over $2.5 million dollars for children around the world.