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Bespoke Cart Catering Service - Italy and Worldwide

Hire our unique event catering service

Being in the business for nearly thirty years, this bespoke catering service will provide a stunning catering service for you and your guests at your event.

Reasons to Book This Artist

•   Our event catering service is tailored to your needs

•   Global personalised catering service - present in fifteen countries

•   This mobile catering service is suitable for private parties, corporate events, outdoor events and more

•   Our mobile catering cart service is a pop-up service that creates a hassle-free and unique experience

•   The event catering service can serve ice-creams, drinks, sandwiches, cold dishes and much more

Read more about our mobile catering cart service below!

This personalised catering service will cater to your needs for your event, creating a truly special and unique experience for you and your guests. Able to serve a variety to cater to your needs - ice-creams, sandwiches, cold dishes, salads, crêpes and drinks. Whatever your taste, this event catering service has it!

There are endless options available for your bespoke catering service that will make your event an experience to remember. This makes it a mobile catering service suitable for a variety of events - whatever the occasion or theme, this bespoke catering service can provide.

Being it is a mobile catering service, it takes the stress out of organising and setting up the catering at your event - they provide a simple pop-up service that creates a unique and special atmosphere.

Our personalised catering service is based around the world, hosting all over Europe, the USA, France and huge attractions like Disneyland Paris. They are an experienced, global mobile catering service. 

For more information on this bespoke catering service, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team - we are here to help!