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Coty Make Up Counter Chairs

Custom Chair Covers

We recieved the following request from our client 

Im looking to order 50 chaircovers in orange lycra stretch material branded with th “time in a bottle logo”  in white to fit a vianova chair which I can supply to you

Please let me know if this is something you can help us with ? we need the chair covers by 20 feb 2014

We then designed and made the bespoke covers and had them hand delivered before the deadline. To the right is the image we were sent. Below is the chairs and the bespoke chair covers.

For custom made chair covers please do contact us.

Bespoke Props & Costumes

We have successfully designed and produced a mass amount of bespoke props and costumes for a lot of our clients. From Pirate themed costumes and props for a Miniature Golf opening to bespoke tables and acts for an event for Wrigley's.

We are a prop making company based in Milton Keynes, it’s a great location that makes it easy for us to get to you wherever you are in the UK with more links to the main motorways and main UK airports we can travel anywhere in the UK and Abord.  We work on a wide range of projects, creating props and displays for all sorts of industries, TV, exhibitions, events, retail, marketing and museums being just a few.

Do not be afraid to be bold, different and have the tenacity to have something completely new and amazing at your events. If you are stuck for ideas then please feel free to give us a call as we thrive on being creative

Dala Horse Walkabout Performer

Dala Horse Walkabout


Dala Horse Walkabout

We designed this Dala Horse as a bespoke act for IKEA we were asked to design a new act which people would not had seen before, so we took their dala horse and made it alive. Please contact us for more information.


Wheel of Fortune Hire & Sales

Human Fruit Plate


Wheel of Fortune Hire & Sales, we offer many bespoke designs for Wheel of Fortune services throughout the UK, our Wheel of Fortune packages feature fully customisable graphics options for our professionally built, castor mounted Wheel of Fortune hire units. We offer Wheels of Fortune for sale with a wide range of high quality graphics options.

They can be designed bespoke to any brand.

Gaming wheel, wheel of fortune, 


Other Costumes and Props designed for Clients ~ Bespoke to the event.

Barbie Themed Box and Set Hire


Barbie Box Hire

This would be a large dolls box with your  name on the outside and a real life Barbie in the box as a human statue for meet and greet. Then guests can use it for photos. We can supply this with costume and a backdrop for a dress up box if required.


Winter Wonderland Arch

Winter Wonderland Arch


Winter Wonderland arch 

This arch can be used for many event requirements, here are just some of the events we have supplied it to.


This human arch was designed by JC Events to scare guests as they enter the room. the performer is built into the arch and cannot be seen until he/she makes them self aware by saying hello or waving and touching guests. 

Winter wonderland Prop

This arch as also been used as a prop only for winter wonderland events and Christmas themed events

Wishing Tree

We have used this arch as a wishing tree at a wonderful wedding where all guests placed their well wished onto the arch.


Human Tables and Living Tables

Living Tables


Bespoke Human table 

Human tables are a hit at all types of events and our Christmas range makes it an inspiring act to greet guests in to your venue and event. 

From Large white tables to Grand Silver tables to suite the colour theme of your event. Whatever you are having a traditional Christmas,as party of a modern theme we have the suitable table to match. 

Strolling tables, Living tables, Human tables all designed bespoke by Julia Charles event management

"AS SEEN ON DRAGONS DEN" and Four weddings 

Example of how this act can work: 2 hours meet and greet - our table can present canapes or welcome drinks to your guests

Example 2: 1 hours meet and greet, then our performer can double up to do another act later in the night such as Stilts or walk about entertainment.  

Living Tables can be made in any theme.


Santa Sleigh Hire

Santa Sleigh Hire


The gaming sleigh

Santa Sleigh Hire

We have in stock the following Santa Sleighs for hire only.

This is a unique and exclusive Gaming Sleigh which holds two flat screen TVs and the following Wii and Xbox built into the sleigh. adult and children can then sit within the sleigh and play the games.

Santa sleigh for Santa's arrival

Sleigh prop hire

Click HERE for some video footage of this Sleigh at a winter wonderland event


Casino Themed Human Statue

Casino Dress Statue


Money Dress

Living statues, Live Statues or Human Statues are becoming increasingly popular for a range of events, for other themes please view our gallery. 

This Casino themed statute comes dressed in a money dress and remains still on her podium as a meet and greet act. Then she will perform a walkabout performance to allow people to take her photo.


Talking Head Tables

Human Fruit Head Table


Christmas Acrobats

Our Talking Head Tables are absolutely hilarious. Your guests will be in stitches when they reach for a piece of fruit or an hors d’oeuvres only to find that the biggest piece of fruit on the table shockingly sparks up a conversation with them.

We have the following Buffet Heads in house

Punkin Head

Chocolate Fountain and Strawberry Head

Fruit Table

Eco Theme Talking Flower Head


Still stuck on what props or costumes would truly enhance your event? Take a look at our Pinterest boards where you will find a whole host of custom-built props that are available for hire in both London and across the UK. If you wanted to add a bit more to your event you could also take a look at our selection of human tables and trees. These acts are practically walking talking props that will make your event the talk of the town for months.

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