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Bob Dylan


Bob Dylan arguably one of the most easily recognisable American solo artist’s still living today, beginning on his career more than five decades ago Dylan remains one of the most praised and influential music acts in the United States.

A successful solo musician and song-writer Bob Dylan is known for writing topical and political music that comments on the current state of American and human society, his unusual and distinctive vocals are normally accompanied by the melodic sounds of acoustic guitar which he also plays himself. Dylan is known for exploring and utilizing a variety of American musical genres including country, blues, folk gospel and rock & roll, though initially he was influenced by music acts such as, Robert Johnson, Woody Guthrie and Little Richard and Hank Williams.

Dylan’s solo artist career has been widely recognized by both consumers and critics, he has had more than ten Grammy award winning songs as well as being inducted into both the Rock Hall of Fame and the Grammy Award Hall of Fame. His songs have been featured in Oscar award winning movies and he played before US presidents and British royalty.

Continuing to influence music acts more than fifty years after his first release Bob Dylan continues to write and perform, alongside working as a solo artist Dylan has produced books of drawings and paintings which have been exhibited in some of the most notable art galleries in the world.

After 50 years in the music industry, Dylan continues to have an impact on popular music by inspiring millions. Alongside his work in music, he has also produced, paintings, books and drawings that have been exhibited in some of the most respected galleries in the world.