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The Ted Baker Hotels 'Reindeer Rustic' Bespoke Christmas Tree

bronze Christmas trees for hire. Our bronze Christmas trees can be hired in the UK.

The ‘Reindeer Rustic’ is one out of three bespoke Christmas trees that was personally designed for the Ted Baker Hotel in Bournemouth. This tree was located in the restaurant area and was built in keeping with the rooms very warm, unique and creative theme. The Ted Baker Hotel is a very creative building with extremely bespoke designs for each room, like the selections of receptions bells on the walls in the main lobby. The dining area was no different, meaning we created a design that not only suited Ted Baker, but fit into the rooms own unique design perfectly.

This tree was build using a selection of hand made ornaments, coloured and patterned fabrics, unique props and LED lights. The main colour theme of this Christmas tree was a very vibrant bronze colour, with the combination of teal details and gold highlights.

This bespoke Christmas tree is truly a beautiful design, and is a perfect example of the bespoke productions we offer at Julia Charles Event Management. All of our bespoke Christmas trees are one off productions that never get repeated so your unique design remains ‘your’ unique design. 

If you would like to see more of our bespoke Christmas tree images, then take a look at our Pinterest page, where we feature a full selection of pictures and information of these gorgeous trees. If you would like to see some bespoke side displays that are designed alongside these trees, then take a look at our other Pinterest board also linked below.

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