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Bubble Artist Duo - Italy

Our bubble performer duo are available to book for children's parties, corporate events or gala dinners in the UK & across the world.

Are you looking for an unlimited amount of bubble fun? Then look no further, because our bubble performers are here to set the stage alight with their magical bubble show entertainment. Our internationally-renowned bubble entertainers have performed around the world for many different clients. Some of the countries they've performed in includes; America, Kuwait & Spain to name a few. These bubble performers will create an unlimited amount of fun for children and adults alike.

Reasons to Book This Artist

•    Have performed worldwide in countries like; China, Colombia & Germany

•    Previous clients include; Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises & Belgium’s Got Talent

•    Our bubble entertainers have performed live on TV in France & Italy 

•    Numerous exciting bubble show entertainment options 

•    Award-winning bubble entertainers  

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Are you looking for a family-friendly show? Where the only limit is your imagination? Then look no further because we’ve got the bubble performers for you. Our international bubble entertainers have performed their exciting bubble show entertainment all over the world in over 25 countries. The countries they have visited include; China, Columbia, America and much more. These internationally-acclaimed bubble performers will put the fun back into any event. 

Our bubble performer has a plethora of bubble show entertainment options that are each as exciting as the last. The first option is a theatre show that runs at 75 mins. This thrilling bubble show features incredible effects, magic and more bubbles than ever seen before. The bubble man entertainer is joined by the female magician who helps him create impossible bubble structures, smoke-filled bubbles, levitating objects and more. Our bubble performers are an intriguing duo who will create the perfect atmosphere at any event.

The second show option is the Gala Show. This original display features our Bubble Man’s most famous and intriguing trick; the Bubble Screen. The 9-minute-long show has a mesmerising introduction that builds up to the main event of the Bubble Screen. Our fast-paced bubble show is perfect for a variety of gala dinner events and has been hired by previous clients such as; Monte Carlo Sporting Club, FISM World Championship of Magic and the GOP Variety Theatre to name a few.

Our bubble entertainers have performed their fun-filled bubble shows at a wide range of amusement parks. This shows how perfect they are for family-friendly events worldwide. This bubble man entertainer is renowned for pushing the limits of what's possible with bubbles. Our bubble man entertainer and his partner are all about creating a fun-filled and exhilarating time for the audience. 

Another show option provided by our bubble performers is the lighter version of the theatre show. This is a scaled down version of the 75-minute bubble show and runs at 30 minutes. Our bubble entertainers ensure that the same visual spectacle is provided throughout this bubble display. This bubble show entertainment option is perfect for international events as there is no speaking included. Our bubble entertainers can perform this show multiple times throughout the day and it can be hired for numerous types of events and locations such as; shopping malls, amusement parks, dinner shows and much more.

These bubble performers have a wonderfully inspiring stage presence that will instantly captivate any audience. From children to adults, these bubble performers provide seriously fun bubble shows that are perfect for the whole family. This bubble man entertainer is an award winning performer who is currently the only bubble artist that performed at the historic and prestigious Vittoria Theatre in Rome where drew in over 8000 spectators. This accomplished bubble man entertainer has also performed for the Royal Family of Kuwait. Having also appeared on Russian televisions, this internationally-renowned bubble performer is always looking for the next country to wow with his exception bubble magic.

Our bubble entertainers are fun-filled children's entertainers who will be sure to create an unforgettable experience for everyone at your next event. These versatile bubble performers are available to hire for a wide range of events across the world including; corporate events, gala dinners, product launches and much more. Our bubble entertainers can be booked in Italy and across the world. If you would like to book our bubble entertainers, simply get in contact today.