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Bubble Man

Bubble Man for hire. Our Bubble Man is available to book for children's parties, family fun days or shopping centre events in London & the UK.

The Bubble Man has a passion for bubbles that stretches back to 1989. His love for bubbles grew so much that he decided to create his fun-filled show in 2000. 

The bubble shows typically last from 5 minutes to an hour, and can include a mixture of tricks (square bubbles, everlasting bubbles, smoke bubbles); bubble games; bubble workshop activities; and for a finale, he can put people inside a giant bubble!

The Bubble man is perfect for family fun days, festivals and corporate events, he travels with his bubble stall that comes with all of the tools, toys, and gadgets that will bring out the inner child within your guest.

He can work in all conditions, indoors or outdoors, and regularly provide a wide range of entertainment options and shows, and to date has performed at, private parties, weddings, shopping centres, stage shows, TV and film photographic shoots.  His show and routines are versatile and can even be adapted to suit a more formal meet and greet format. 

Using an enormous range of exciting bubble tricks such as bubble caterpillars, smoke-filled bubbles, massive bubbles and more, he will enchant and delight audiences of all ages and sizes. 

This amazing performer has broken 9 Guinness World Records, and his bubble skills have been witnessed in over 60 countries. He has performed for some prestigious clients including; Prince Charles & Prince Harry, Sir Michael Caine, Shakira, Paul McCartney and much more. 

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