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Building Projection Mapping Shows - Hungary

Building Projection Show for hire. Book our 3D Projection Mapping Show for corporate events, gala dinners or award ceremonies in London & the UK.

A creative dance and building projection show, this immense visual presentation is an absolute thriller! Designed and performed for the Moscow Light Festival in 2014, this show uses an elegant combination of exciting choreography, interesting themes and advanced wall projection technology. 

With this performance, you are able to transform any plain building, into a spectacular display of lights and entertainment for people of all ages to watch and enjoy. These images are an example of just one of the shows this team has created in the past. When booking your event, you will have your show constructed uniquely. 

Reasons to Book This Service

•    Completely customizable for your event 

•    The 3D mapping in this show can be suited to a range of buildings

•    Run by professional projection mapping technicians

•    Extremely creative design and execution 

•    Consists of only the best projection mapping technology

Take a look at This Show from the International Light Festival, Moscow 2014

If you would like to see this amazing show in action, then please feel free to take a look at some footage from the performance of this show at the International Light Festival in Moscow 2014.

In this performance, you can see an example of the amazing building projections used to create a spectacular visual display. 

This video is only an example of what can be created with this service, these shows are completely bespoke per event.

For more 3D & 4D projection mapping, head over to our Pinterest pages below.

If you would like to see some more images of our extremely talented dancers that can be hired for events in the UK, then take a look at our Pinterest page for more images. We also have a second Pinterest board where you can view more bespoke shows to book for gala dinners in London & the UK. 

3D projection mapping for building

Going viral across the world, 3D projection mapping for buildings has become an extremely popular form of entertainment for product launches, PR stunts, festival and events. Using the highest quality 3D projection mapping equipment, our 3D projection mapping for buildings is an excellent way to leave a lasting impression at events and parties.

3D projection mapping for buildings can be an excellent form of entertainment for brand activations, product launches, and entertainment for branding events.

Wall projection shows for events

The benefit of wall projection shows for events is the range of options available. The opportunities for our wall projection shows for events can be endless, as you simply need to create a new wall projection per event.

You can use our wall projection shows for events, parties, weddings, exhibition events, public events and more. In addition, our wall projection shows are available for international events too! We have used our wall projection shows for events in countries around the world for a huge range of purposes. Some of which are marketing events and some are party events.

Building 3D projection company

A lot of the time, buildings can be rather boring, but when using a building projection company in the UK, you can turn your building or event space into something amazing. You can use building projection companies for simple image projections or project bespoke 3d mapping shows onto your venue. Using a building projection company can be a unique way to bring extra entertainment for events, conventions and concerts.

Another popular use for hiring a building projection company is to create PR stunts using 3d projection and video mapping on buildings. This can be a great way of creating a memorable event.