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Butterfly Stilt Walkers

Butterfly Stilt Walkers for hire. Our animal stilt walkers are available to hire for family fun days, shopping centre events or music festivals in London & the UK.

Could you think of anything more joyful than a flock of vibrant Butterflies? Well now you don’t need to as that dream can become a reality!

Our butterflies will give an insight into the beauty of nature and is known to encourage people to take more of an interest in the beautiful creatures. We offer 8 different species including: The Adonis Blue, The Chalk Blue, The Swallowtail, The Red Admiral, The Marbled Veined White, The Purple Emperor, The Oak Blue and the Green Triangle.

Our butterflies are fully mobile and come with a trained professional stilt walker which is guaranteed to entertain all of your guests due to their impeccable interactive skills. Our stilt walking butterflies make for great entertainment at events such as carnivals, parades and festivals.

Butterly Stilt Walkers for hire. Our animal-themed walkabout act is available to book for family fun days in the UK & London.
Animal Stilt Walkers for hire. Our Butterfly stilt walkers are available to book for shopping centre events in London & the UK.
Stilt Walkers for hire. Book our walkabout act for animal-themed events in the UK & London.
Book our Butterfly Stilt Walkers for children's parties in London & the UK.

If you would like to view more stilt walkers to hire for corporate events, then please take a look at our Pinterest board below. We also have a second Pinterest board where you can view more animal-themed entertainment to book for children's events in London & the UK.