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Cellosphere - Europe

The Cellosphere for hire. Our aerial music act is available to book for award ceremonies, gala dinners or bespoke events in London & the UK.

Cellosphere is a brilliant and bespoke staging concept that creates a magical, visual and musical performance. The musicians featured in the bubble, display an exceptional repertoire, talent and experience, and are strikingly presented in designer gowns.

There are no restrictions in regards to what can be performed inside the bubble as the range of performers can play different instruments such as; the cello, violin, saxophone and even the harp. This act is a brilliant musical performance to hire in the UK for all types of events. This musical bubble is perfect for stage shows and is also great to hire as a meet and greet act for corporate events, weddings and much more. If you are looking for something musical yet visually striking then this is the act for you. The performers are of a high calibre and are extremely versatile. Their repertoire is extensive which brings something personal to your event. 

The bubble is suitable for events from small corporate functions to large conventions and exhibitions. 

Cellosphere Footage

Take a look at some footage of this amazing musical bubble act performed at a corporate event. As you can see this act is perfect for international corporate functions and product launches. 

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