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Christmas Balloon Modeller

Christmas balloon modeller available to book for christmas themed events in London and the UK

Our professional balloon modelling elf creates wearable art for both children and adults. This Christmas balloon modeller can be hired for both private and corporate events in London and the UK. Whilst the elf walkabout act is advertised as a children's entertainer he gets lots of requests from adults every year. 

Reasons to book this artist 

•    Our balloon modelling elf creates wearable art

•    This Xmas entertainer is suitable for both adult and children events

•    Our unique balloon artist combines modelling with humour creating hats, trees and more

•    Christmas balloon modeller that is perfect for Christmas themed events

•    He is an award winning elf walkabout act 

Hire our balloon modelling elf for private parties in London and the UK
Xmas entertainer to book for childrens workshops in London and the UK
Book our unique balloon artist for corporate events in London and the UK
Our elf walkabout act is available to hire for weddings in London and the UK

For more Elf walkabout act and Christmas balloon modeller, head over to our Pinterest pages below.

If you would like to view unique balloon artists to hire for children's parties & children's events, then please take a look at our Pinterest board below. We also have a second Pinterest board where you can view more Xmas entertainer to book for corporate events in London & the UK. 

Our Christmas balloon modeller has one aim and that is to bring the spirit of Christmas to all events! This balloon modelling elf is hilarious, entertaining and completely unique. Not only does he bring fun to any event but he also creates wearable balloon art, kids will love this! 

Our Unique balloon artist can create hats, trees, and more creating the perfect opportunity for your guests to have photos and enjoy your event. Our Elf walkabout act will keep all guests entertained by creating unusual and unique pieces of art.

As well as being entertaining and unique our unique balloon artist combines humour, adults and children alike will find our Xmas entertainer completely hilarious and thoroughly entertaining. Looking for a Xmas entertainer that is professional and funny? Well, our elf walkabout is perfect for you! 

This elf walkabout act has some fantastic testimonials that state adults enjoyed watching the unique balloon artist as much if not more than children did. Our unique balloon artist will make each child/guest their very own piece of art and will interact with the guests to make them feel involved. 

Our Balloon modelling elf is a fantastic meet and greets option if you have a grotto at your venue, the balloon modelling elf is also available as a walkabout act, a Christmas show and just general evening entertainment. 

This unique balloon artist is not just any balloon modeller, he is humorous and creates fantastic pieces of art, the elf walkabout act is available to book for children’s parties, weddings, corporate events and more in London and the UK.