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Christmas Burlesque Dancer

Christmas Burlesque Show for hire. Our burlesque show is available to book for Christmas-themed events, nightclub events or private parties in London & the UK.

Appearing in a luxurious deep rouge, velvet fur-lined robe she performs a stunning dance based act. The crowd now really excited they have a beautiful blonde performing just for them, realising they are in for more than they expected when a crystal encrusted carousel horse is revealed. Watch as she delicately peels off the robe to reveal her diamond covered white Basque, the audience now engrossed in the spectacle that is happening before their eyes.

Delicately floating around the sparkling frame Lady D teases the crowd spinning on the beautiful horse. The excitement is lifted when the ribbon on her corset is slowly undone. The crème de la crème of crystal bras is revealed! The ladies among the audience watch on like magpies & the gentlemen realise Christmas has come a little early!


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