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Christmas-Themed Aerial Acrobat

Christmas-themed Aerial Acrobat for hire. Our aerial acrobat is available to book for gala dinners, Christmas-themed events or corporate events in London & the UK.

The stunning aerialist podium has been transformed into a wonderful Christmas tree, topped with a real life, Angel! This freestanding aerial act and show for hire combine the beauty of classical ballet, amazing aerial acrobatics, and the magic of Christmas in a fully lit, colour-changing LED costume. The structure needs no additional support or power source and is fully self-contained. The Angel magically spins around whilst spreading her Christmas magic.

This Christmas tree structure has a diameter of only 2m, and height options of either 3m or 4m, making it truly versatile for different venues.

Add to that the fact that the hoop spins and needs no additional support and you have a truly unique and jaw-droppingly beautiful Christmas-themed entertainment piece.

This act is also available in other themes and styles as you will see in the images below.

If you would like to view more Christmas-themed entertainment to hire for corporate events, then please take a look at our Pinterest board below. We also have a second Pinterest board where you can view more aerial acrobats, circus performers or acrobatics shows for events in London & the UK.