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Christmas Tree Stilt Walker

Christmas tree stilt walker available to hire for shopping centre events in London and the UK

The Christmas tree stilt walker / human christmas tree doesn’t want to be decorated and would much rather play silly games.This makes it very difficult for Mrs Butterworth to finish her task of getting the Xmas walkabout act ready in time for Christmas.Mrs Butterworth creeps up with her step ladder to put a bauble on the tree, however as soon as Mrs Butterworth has gone up a step, the Mischievous Xmas walkabout act has sneaked off without her noticing.

Reasons to book this artist 

•    This Christmas tree stilt walker loves to play games such as hide and seek

•    Our Xmas walkabout act is interactive and fun

•    The Children’s entertainer is perfect for shopping centre events, Christmas parties and more

•    Brilliant costume and matching face paint

•    This Human Christmas tree act is fun and entertaining for both adults and children

Children's entertainers to hire for private events in London and the UK
Hire our Xmas walkabout act for corporate events in London and the UK
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Human christmas tree act available to book for children's parties in London and the UK

Xmas walkabout act

Watch as our Christmas tree stilt walker and human christmas tree hides around this venue. The Children's entertainer is looking for children to decorate it in time for Christmas. Our Christmas act does not want to be decorated by Mrs Butterworth and will run and hide when she tries to decorate it. 

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What would your children love more than a human Christmas tree act at your next event? This Children's entertainer is entertaining, funny and leaves children excited and full of Christmas spirit! 

Our Children’s entertainer is dressed in a fantastic costume and matching face paint making the Xmas walkabout act realistic and entertaining. The Christmas tree stilt walker needs decorating before Christmas but doesn’t want the help of Mrs Butterworth, can you help to decorate our Human Christmas tree in time for the special occasion?

 The Children’s entertainer and Christmas act loves to play silly games such as hide and seek. Can you and your guests help us find our Xmas walkabout act and decorate it? Or will Christmas be boring this year with an undecorated tree?

Our Human Christmas tree is the perfect entertainment option for shopping centre events, family fun days, children’s parties and more in London and the UK. Help us to decorate our Xmas walkabout act in time for Christmas!