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Circus Magic Show - London

Magicians to hire for corporate events in London and the UK.

This spectacular magic show combines the hilarity of comedy circus with the mind-boggling illusions and tricks of magic. Created by one of our duo contortion performers and circus performers, this magic show and illusion show is different to all others, as it blends in the magic of a circus, with the classic magic shows we all know and love.

Reasons to book this act 

•    Magicians and illusionists have over 10 years of experience

•    The circus performers have performed worldwide

•    Comedy magic with aerobics & singing  

•    The magicians have performed at London’s west end 

•    Aerial scenes can be added to performances

Magicians for hire for corporate events in London and the UK.
Circus magic show for hire for weddings in London and the UK
Magic show performers to hire for themed events in London and the UK.
Book our illusionist agency for unique magic shows in London and the UK

See it Here!

Watch as our amazing Circus Magic Show perform incredible tricks right before your eyes. To view this unique magic show in action, take a look at this video. Our magicians and illusionists for hire will give your guests an unforgettable experience. The corporate illusionists and circus performers are seen in this video combining comedy with magic tricks making the circus performers a unique magic show.

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 Do you want entertainment that is unusual and exciting? Well, look no further because our unique magic show combines comedy, magic and circus to create a fantastic illusion show. Perfect for your next wedding, private party or Halloween themed event! 

Our circus performers for hire will give your guests an unforgettable experience by combining magic tricks with comedy and even add aerial tricks if wanted.

The award-winning magicians and illusionists for hire have appeared on TV and have performed worldwide, emphasising their popularity and uniqueness, the circus duo is not just any old Circus performers, they are unusual and unique and will create a fantastic illusion show like you’ve never seen before. 

Performing at London’s west end show, the Circus magic and illusion show is proven to be a big hit across the UK and worldwide, the hilarious duo of circus performers will leave you and your guests laughing your socks off! 

With over ten years of experience, the corporate illusionists and circus performers have extensive knowledge and skill in magic, comedy and circus tricks, the illusion show is truly something you’ve never seen before with a mix of everything including aerial tricks and acrobats. 

Our Unique magic show and illusion show includes singing and dancing and the circus performers will bring along props to add to the overall effect of the magic show. Do you enjoy illusions, magic and comedy? If so this corporate illusionists act is definitely perfect for you! 

Our unique magic show/illusion show of magicians and corporate illusionists is available to hire for a wide variety of events from weddings and family fun days to corporate events and Halloween themed events. Our duo of Circus performers will give you a show of a lifetime and leave your guests wanting more. 

You’ll be left in awe as our Magicians and corporate illusionists for hire perform tricks that you would never think possible. Our illusion shows and circus performers are available to hire for events across the UK and Worldwide. Perfect for you? Book our unique magic show for your next event.