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When you’re planning and organising a conference, you’ll find there are many daunting and confusing questions that need answering. How do I book the best conference management company for me? Is it expensive to book a conference event? How do I take care of delegate management? Where can I find the best guest speakers? And the list goes on.

Luckily, Julia Charles Event Management has a highly experienced team that has worked on conferences of all different sizes for a variety of clients. We put together successful conference events throughout the year and work hard to produce the best possible outcome for your budget. We’ve worked with numerous clients such as Opus Energy, Mercedes-Benz, and Amazon, who were all delighted with the services we provided for them.

Conference Management Services

If you’re looking to put on a conference for your staff, there are many services you might want to consider. As such, you’ll need to consult a conference management company to help you figure out the services required for the size of your event. For instance, with large scale conferences you might require, travel management, venue sourcing, guest speaker management and delegate management amongst others. Whereas for smaller scale conferences, you may only require the provision of just a few conference management services, such as venue sourcing and AV equipment.

At Julia Charles Event Management, we provide a range of conference management services for both large scale and small conferences. We have a very good relationship with a lot of suppliers which enables us to provide the key services that are required to put on conferences. To add to this, as we are an event management company that offer services in conference management, we can provide additional services, such as entertainment, that contribute towards taking your conference to the next level and making it a memorable event for your delegates. 

Why Might I Need Conference Management Services?

You might need to incorporate conference management services when planning your conference simply because there is a lot that goes into organising one. This can be a daunting task for you to take on by yourself, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. Most people would be terrified of trying to sort out budget control, logistics and delegate management, without the aid of an experienced conference management company. Enlisting the help of people who know this industry inside out will ensure these areas are planned and managed properly, meaning your day will run like clockwork.

We can help you select the right conference management services for the size of your conference, so you can be sure everything is taken care of. By working with our conference management team, you can sleep easy knowing the budget for the event is being used effectively with no overspend, travel and accommodation are taken care of, and all attendees are familiar with the expertly selected venue and the day’s precise running order.

How Do I Choose The Right Conference Management Company? 

When looking for the right conference management company to manage your event, there are a few things that should always feature on your checklist. These include good customer service & reviews, experience and organisation. Good customer service and good reviews are key things to look out for when selecting a conference management company, as you need to be sure that the company in charge of planning your event is reliable, professional and have the capabilities of pulling off the event to the standards you expect. Experience also plays an important factor in the selection process, as experienced companies will have an extensive portfolio, which over the years will have taught them transferable skills exposed them a far-reaching supplier network. On top of this, experience enables you to think of the bigger picture to anticipate and solve potential problems before they occur.

We take pride in the quality of our conference management services and always strive to meet the criteria mentioned above. Our conference team live, eat and breathe the industry and reputation means everything to them, so can be sure that you’ll always receive the level of service Julia Charles Event Management is known for. Whether you’re planning a small, half-day conference for 30 staff or taking 1000 delegates to the Caribbean for a week of conference overload, you can be sure that our commitment will always be consistent with the standards of our brand.

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What Does Conference Management Involve?

Conference management is based on basic management tools, namely planning, organising and administrative skills. Putting together a conference from initial conception to execution can take anywhere between 2 weeks and a few months depending on the size and scale of the event. Within this time many aspects of the event will be planned and organised. As mentioned earlier, some of these include venue procurement, delegate management, budget control, catering, equipment rental, transport and accommodation. 

As we are a conference and event management company, conference planning involves more than just providing the items listed above for us. Due to our extensive network of suppliers and years of experience, we can provide everything from registration right through to production services, meaning you can sit back safe in the knowledge that all aspects of your event will be handled. 

What's The Difference Between Conference And Event Management? 

Although both share similarities and interchangeable services, there is a difference in conference and event management. For example, conferences are often held with the objective of being educational or fulfilling some form of business goal. As such, a conference may be a day or often multiple days of in-depth talks and presentations on a topic. Popular conferences include medical conferences, business conferences, training conferences and academic conferences.

However, events hold a different purpose and often focus celebration, brand awareness and commemoration. Due to this, it comes as no surprise that different management services are required. For example, clients might need services in venue sourcing, event production, and entertainment if they are putting on a corporate event or brand activation. Whereas for a conference, delegate management, online registration service and speaker management are more likely to be required.

For more information on the conference management services we offer or to book your conference with us today please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team!