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Conor the Freestyle Footballer - UK

football freestyle performer for hire. Our freestylers can be hired internationally

Conor uses skill and determination to always deliver maximum effort into his sports entertainment act and always delivers something unique. special and exciting from crowds of big and small sizes. 

Reasons to Book This Act

•    2017 Irish freestyle football champion 

•    Ranked the #3 best freestyle footballer in the UK

•    His shows are offered internationally

•    Extremely experienced in sports entertainment 

•    His shows are high quality and full of excitement

Football themed entertainment for hire. Our football performers can be hired in London and the UK.
Sports themed entertainment for family fun day entertainment
Football freestylers for hire near London
Sports expert for hire. Available worldwide.
Football freestyle workshops for hire for events
Football tricksters for hire for parties and events
Sports themed ball trickster for hire. Available for family fun days.
Product launch entertainment for hire. Sport act available worldwide.

Check Conor Out in a 2016 Pepsi Advert!

Conor has not only made appearances at huge sporting events around the world but he has also featured in a 2016 Pepsi advert performing his amazing selection of freestyle entertainment! With over 4 million views in its first day of release, this ad is now sponsored by the UEFA Championships League!

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Our freestyle footballer and sports entertainer offer freestyle football which is a combination of skill, accuracy and art, which is why our soccer trickster and freestyle footballer has choreographed a brand new and creative way to keep plenty of crowds impressed. The sports entertainer uses skill and determination to always deliver maximum effort into the sports entertainer sports entertainment acts and always delivers something unique, special and exciting for crowds of big and small sizes.

Depending on the type of performance or sports entertainment show, our football freestyler and soccer trickster can perform anything from a 3-minute show to a selection of sports entertainment performances throughout the day, including freestyle workshops, which means you can fit the soccer trickster’s and sports entertainers sport entertainment performance perfectly into your next event.

The soccer trickster creates new and exciting sports entertainment by doing tricks with a football without the football touching the floor. This creates a bespoke and exciting sports entertainment show that your guests won’t have seen before!

 Our freestyle footballer and soccer trickster have performed for many large brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Adidas showing that the sports entertainer and soccer trickster is a very popular kind of sports entertainment and would be the perfect sports entertainer for your next event that requires sports entertainment. 

Our soccer trickster and freestyle footballer offer large and small sports entertainment shows depending on the requirements of each individual event. The soccer trickster offers football freestyle shows both in the UK and internationally. 

Our sports entertainment and sports entertainer would be the perfect sports entertainment and freestyle football entertainment for your sports themed events, corporate events, product launches and more. Book our soccer trickster to wow your guests and to give them an experience like never before. Our freestyle footballer is unique and exciting with a vast amount of experience and skill in football freestyling. The sports entertainer and freestyle footballer are available to hire for events in London, the UK and Worldwide.