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Creepy Mermaid - London

Nautical event entertainer available to hire for ocean themed events in London and the UK

Our mermaids for hire are the perfect interactive entertainment for your Halloween events, corporate events, private parties, family fun days and more in London and the UK. The unusual meet and greet act comes with a fantastic costume and creepy makeup. 

Reasons to Book This Artist

•    Mermaid for hire with custom made costume and makeup

•    Great interactive entertainment and photo opportunity

•    Based in London and Dubai but available worldwide

•    Previous clients include Mall of the Emirates and Sage & The Galleria

•    Unique and exciting Nautical event entertainer 

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Looking for nautical event entertainers? Well, our mermaid for hire is perfect for you! This nautical event entertainer is perfect for Halloween themed events with her creepy and slightly gory makeup. 

Our Halloween entertainer will provide interactive entertainment, keeping your guests entertained throughout your event whether the event is small or large. The mermaid for hire will give your guests perfect photo opportunities, I mean what’s better than a photo with not only a real-life mermaid but a creepy mermaid! 

The nautical event entertainer is available worldwide and has previous clients including Mall of the Emirates and Sage and The Galleria showing that the Halloween entertainer and mermaid for hire is a very popular choice for many events and worldwide companies. 

The nautical event entertainer comes dressed in custom-made costumes that you won’t have seen before adding to the uniqueness of this unusual meet and greet act. 

Our mermaid for hire is very versatile and can be seen indoors, outdoors, near bodies of water or nowhere near water, children and adults alike will enjoy meeting this fantastic nautical event entertainer.

Hire our interactive entertainment for weddings, family fun days, corporate events, Halloween themed events and more within London and the UK and be sure to give your guests a fantastic event full of fun!