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Croatian Football Freestyler- Croatia

Rafael the Football Freestyler for hire. Book our football freestyler for product launches, sports-themed events or corporate events in the UK & Croatia.

Our Croatian Football Freestyler for hire is a talented sports entertainer who will amaze you with his range of football skills. This accomplished sports entertainer has competed and performed in over 25 countries including Bahrain and Qatar.

Reasons to Book This Artist

•    Performed for Nike, Volvo and more

•    Experienced in professional sports entertainment

•    This artist can offer performances internationally

•    This show is unique from other football freestyle acts

•    This artist is ideal for European events

Our Croatian Football Freestyler for hire. Book our football freestyler for sports-themed events in London & the UK.
Sports-themed entertainer for hire. Book our football freestyler for product launches in the UK & Croatia.
Soccer trickster for hire. Book our football entertainer for football-themed events in Croatia & the UK.
Football workshops for events, parties and family fun days

Football Freestyler Tricks - Watch it Here!

Watch as our talented football freestyler performs a series of tricks and stunts with the ball. This sensational performer will be sure to wow crowds of any sizes as soon as he starts performing with the ball. Our accomplished freestyler captivates your guests and audiences and will leave them wanting more. Watch and prepare to be amazed. 

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Our Croatian football freestyler is a unique and creative form of sports entertainment that would be perfect for your next event. The soccer trickster has performed across 25 countries including performing his sports entertainment in the UK and for big brand companies. 

Regular football freestylers would perform for around 3 minutes however our sports entertainer puts on 10 to 40-minute sports entertainment and football freestyle shows to ensure that the soccer trickster captivates the audience and draws their attention to his football freestyle skills. 

Our soccer trickster isn’t just any ordinary football freestyler, the sports entertainer has added a unique element to the soccer tricksters shows which increase audience interaction and participation. This element is called the 1v1 demonstration. This allows any member watching the sports entertainment to challenge our football freestyler and maybe even teach the soccer trickster some new soccer tricks. 

The sports entertainer has performed his sports entertainment for the likes of Nike, PlayStation and coca cola emphasising that the soccer trickster is popular and big brands enjoy his sports entertainment and his football freestyle moves.

 Our soccer trickster and sports entertainer have won third place in both the European Championship and The World Cup 3vs3 showing that our football freestyler has a vast amount of experience and skill in sports entertainment and football freestyle as well as football in general.

The football freestyler offers sports entertainment shows between 10 and 40 minutes depending on the individual event requirements. The sports entertainer can also include workshops and competitions if the event required this.

Our sports entertainer and football freestyler are available to hire for sports themed events, family fun days, weddings and more in the UK and worldwide. Book our sports entertainment to watch our fantastic soccer trickster wow your guests and make your next event unforgettable and memorable.