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Finger printing

Everyone has different fingerprints even identical twins. Fingerprints were first used in Babylonian times and in 1902 for British criminal purposes. We will show you how to be experts in 1 hour; it normally takes about 7 years. Use specialist fingerprint microscopes, brushes, powder and other paraphernalia; you may receive an enlarged picture
of your fingerprint to take home! (just like this picture). In the right environment we turn the lights off and conduct a specialist fingerprinting process in the dark!
1 ½ hours

Photo fit Pictures

FBI software is beckoning you to construct a "photo fit" of a suspect. Can you remember what he looked like? Can you reconstruct a face? With the help of this software you can! This will keep you amused for hours. This reconstruction will test your powers of memory.
Good luck!
½ to 1 hour

Tool and shoe wear casting
In real life shoe and tool impressions left to the elements will quickly deteriorate; your job will be to cast the mark and produce an impression. Be careful, however, too much plaster and it will set too quickly! Too much water and it will not work. Timing is everything, but we will, of course, help you.
½ to 1 hour


With the use of ballistics "rods" and bullet holes, determine what has happened at the scene of a shooting. See a presentation on the development of ballistic investigation. Examine bullets, using ballistic microscopes.
½ to 1 hour

Forensic Dentistry
This is an activity you can really get your teeth into! See how
forensic dentists can determine who has bitten what. Cast teeth
marks and find out if your friend has bitten into the chocolate.
1 hour

Forensic Psychology
What is this science, how can it help in criminal investigations? Why
are some people predisposed to violent behaviour? How compliant
are you? Why do some criminals commit offences when they
actually don't want to commit them?
½ hour

"Mock" Crown Court Trial
Who is going to don the Judge's wig? Who will be prosecuting and
who will defend? This will bring out the actor in you. We set up a
trial based on the evidence you have discovered. Then the fun really
½ hour

Blood Spatter Pattern Analysis
This subject has been generated due to customer demand. We show
you how you can work out where an attack started from; work out
the angle the spatter hit the ground. See how blood reacts at
different heights. Oh, by the way we use fake blood (sorry).
1 hour

Hair & Fibres
Using state of the art microscopes,examine different hairs and fibres taken from different animals and materials.Did the suspect "snag" their clothing in the crime scene? You have recovered material from their house which looks similar. Compare the two samples and you decide.
1 hour

These bring even greater fun to this unique and unusual experience.
We have the following quizzes:-
• General CSI question and answer.
• CSI Music Quiz
• "What are the 10 objects used in crime scene investigation?"
These are great ice breakers and bode well for natural breaks from
the practical aspects.
I hour

We supply each client with full CSI protective equipment which they retain. Additionally, each client receives an "exhibits" bag containing
a length of CSI tape, pencil and information about our company.