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CSI Young Persons Party


Stuck for an idea for your child's party? Uninspired by what is on offer elsewhere? Look no further, we have the perfect answer:

We can provide a 2 hour party at a location of your choice, to include some of the following:

  • Take & find fingerprints
  • Who left the shoe prints?
  • Find out who wrote the blackmail note!
  • What tools did the burglars use to break in?
  • Recreate faces using FBI software
  • Clues hidden in bullets!

The party is personalised to your child. The crime is linked to their hobbies, sports or interests. Your house/location will be plastered with Crime Scene tape and maybe the odd body!

We provide a small goodie bag for each child to take home, and of course the CSI Kit they get to keep.

We can incorporate this at any venue and work it along side another activity or just around a meal / small party.

Included in the price is:

  • Two hours of a fun CSI Experience based on a theft derived case. The birthday child is made to feel very special. The theme of the party is based around one of their hobbies or interests.
  • Specifically, we start off giving each child a full CSI kit which they can keep (full one piece CSI suit, masks, gloves and goggles).There is a hunt for cartridge cases containing clues. Children then take their own fingerprints and using microscopes see how they are different from one person to another. These can be easily photographed under magnification. Plates involved in the crime are dusted for fingerprints and "lifted" using specialist tapes. This is very popular with children . We finish off by constructing photo fits using FBI software.
  • E-mailed blank invitations at the point of booking
  • CSI Exhibits/Party Bag containing a pencil and some CSI Tape. All the children/young people get to keep their CSI kit and their own exhibits, fingerprints or other activities from during the event.
  • We produce a personalised CSI cake at extra cost, if you so wish.
  • The experience is delivered by an experienced professional.