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Dark Side Ballerinas - London

Hire our gothic themed ballerinas for your product launch in London & the UK.

Our classically trained, gothic themed ballerinas for hire are a spectacular visual treat for your bespoke event. These stylish ballet dancers have created a display that merges the classical with the modern age. Their unique blends leave guests amazed with their stunning talent.

Reasons to book these artists

•    Tailor made acts for any event

•    Professional classically trained ballet dancers

•    Can merge other styles of dance e.g. cabaret with ballet

•    Able to adapt to different locations and requirements

•    Unique costumes

Professionally trained ballet dancers - Watch here

Our professionally trained ballet dancers create unique ballet shows for many events. The gothic ballet dancers can combine different dance styles to create a great performance. For example, freestyle and ballet. The duo of dancers is available to book in London and the UK.

If you would like to view a wider range of dancers for you to hire for your event then please take a look at out Pinterest board below. We also have another board in which you can view more options for bespoke events in London and the UK.

Our talented ballet duo trained at The Royal Ballet School, where they learned the fundamentals including performing on pointe shoes. The gothic ballerinas are able to combine other genres of dance with ballet including; burlesque, jazz, freestyle, podium and much more to create a stunning display which is perfect for corporate events, product launches and luxury bespoke events. These gothic ballet dancers are also able to incorporate fire into their shows creating a truly breathtaking performance. Our gothic ballerinas are able to choreograph bespoke dance routines for each individual event. They are also able to offer seasonal performances for different festivities including Halloween.

Our gothic ballerinas can create theatrical shows by using a variety of elaborate costumes, masks and props. The gothic ballet dancers ability to adapt to different location requirements and tailor each routine to your event is what makes them truly unique. Our spectacular gothic ballerina displays would also be perfect for fashion shows, promotional nightclub events, gallery exhibitions and museum events.

Hire our gothic ballerinas for your events if you want to wow your guests, the gothic ballet dancers offers a standard freestyle package starting at £120, this package can be tailored for each individual event and ballet dance show, the gothic ballet dancers can perform for longer or shorter than standard and can also dance in the style of dance that the event requires.

The gothic ballerinas are able to adapt to different locations and requirements and can, therefore, be booked for both indoor and outdoor events, their unique gothic ballerina costumes set them apart from other gothic ballet dancers, making them more interesting and exciting for your guests watching the ballet duo's performance.

The talented gothic ballerinas are available to book for corporate events, private events, fashion shows and in London and the UK, they have performed at various events previously including club nights, product launches, fashion shows, museums, galleries and more.