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Dave Birss

A strategic and creative thinker with over 20 years of experience in the field of marketing communications, Dave Birss has become one of the most prominent keynote speakers in the business speaking and corporate event circuit. By building the groundwork for audience members to think differently about branding and advertising alongside technology, Dave is a compelling character who is sure to be the talk of a business based environment.

Dave has had a huge rage of jobs though out his professional career that has allowed him to develop a broad knowledge of customer behaviour. After trying his hand as a model, musician, comedian, poet, photographer and lecturer among many more vocations, Dave found himself as a creative director for some of Britain’s most well respected agencies. Using his extremely rich life experience, Dave is able to offer depth and meaning in every speech he delivers.

Dave shares his experience with ad agencies on how to operate and adapt in a vast, changing media market. Using both experience as an advisor and his own business savvy, Birss will certainly bring out plenty of new thoughts in his audience through is technological speeches.

Birss has talked as a technology speaker around the globe in locations including, New York, Reykjavik and Chantilly as well as all across the UK. Known for inspiring his audience, Dave has a certain skill for breaking down complex topics and really expressing his points in marketing and technology.