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David Festenstein


Professional motivational speaker and communication specialist, David Festenstein’s life was shaken to the foundations when he suffered a stroke in 2008, leaving the right side of his body paralysed and him unable to walk. David’s story of determination and motivation his strongly expressed in his role as a motivational speaker, his recovery is an inspiring story in which he used his communication expertise and sheer persistence to leave stroke consultants stumped at him rapid repair back to normality.

During his battle of the body, David documented his recovery in a diary that cover in depth his “language of recovery”. After reviewing his thoughts, David had discovered that he had outlines seven key steps to establish quick recovery; A process that he expresses in his evening speeches.

After receiving excellent feedback in the field, David was encouraged to become a motivational speaker for conferences, set up workshop and offer coaching to professionals spread is seven-step process.

Reframe the experience, in his case “I am alive!”

  • Be grateful to what you have
  • Keep your belief
  • Have a vision
  • Manage your emotions
  • Work with those who love and are supporting you
  • Follow the process

David’s remarkable advice and knowledge has helped hundreds of stoke victims overcome their condition and taught them not to let it define them. David Festenstein is a truly inspirational man who would be an excellent person to have at any event as someone who has truly helped many people.