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Dragon Stilt Walkers

Dragon Stilt walkers for hire. Our dragon stilt walkers can be hired in London and the UK.

Our Dragon Stilt Walkers for hire are a vibrant and eye-catching act that will leave your guests in amazement at their dragon-like performance. These beautifully vibrant dragons were inspired by Antoni Gaudi's famous sculptures that are in Barcelona. Our versatile Dragons are ever-changing and can transition from a high-energy routine to being as still as a solid sculpture. 

Stilt walkers are the perfect attraction for any event with their towering height and expert performances, which will leave your guests in awe and dazzle. These towering dragon stilt walkers are exactly what you need! This act is a duo stilt walker act in custom-made dragon costumes with a keen eye for fun and entertainment. 

Our Dragons are wonderfully interactive and can are great as both walkabout and static entertainment. With their Their performances are family friendly and are the perfect entertainment option to hire for family-themed events, carnivals, festivals and much more. 

Dragon Stilt Walkers for hire. Book our Dragon walkabout acts for corporate events in the UK & London.
Dragon walkabout act for hire. Our Dragon Stilt Walkers are available to book for music festivals in London & the UK.
Animal walkabout for hire. Our animal stilt walkers are available to book for carnivals in the UK & London.
Animal stilt walkers for hire. Our Dragon walkabout act is available to book for family fun days in London & the UK.


To learn more about what this act is all about, then head over to our YouTube channel to find video footage of these amazing performers in action. This entertainment is perfect for people of all ages and is suitable for a wide range of events. 

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If you would like to view more stilt walkers to hire for corporate events, then please take a look at our Pinterest board below. We also have a second Pinterest board where you can view more animal-themed entertainment to book for summer events in London & the UK.