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Dress Circlet Walk About Performers

Dress Circlet walk about show and entertainers for hire

This Giant lady and her enormous dress always capture the attention of an audience and passers-by, she is not one to be missed or overlooked. She floats effortlessly across event grounds, sharing her wisdom and social tittle-tattle as she goes.

This giant female walkabout act works her way through the crowd until she finds a spot that she likes, and then all hell breaks loose. From beneath her dress, a flock of theatrical and circus entertainers emerge, performing and entertaining with an array of short revues, sketches, plate spinning, fire performing, acro-balance and circus skills.

Our Giant circlet lady act is brought to you by a group of professional females that have dedicated their time to bringing new, exciting and unique street theatre to the UK.

They do all this by use of a wonderfully balanced mixture of circus, physical theatre, impressive costumes and extravagant props to create a show that will captivate and grow an audience of all ages.

Their rapport with audiences has been described as “touching” and “exhilarating”. These ladies have a genuine connection to their audiences and are equally engaged with an individual as with an audience in the hundreds.

This is a versatile act and can be performed to a static audience with a running time of 50 minutes, or it can be a roaming act where she will roam the event grounds and gather a crowd as she goes.

This family-friendly walkabout act make a great addition to a multitude of events, and would lend itself to corporate entertainment, end of term shows, shopping centre entertainment, school entertainments, wedding entertainment, family fun days, product launches, store openings, private parties and more.

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