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Dunking Devils - Basketball Dunk Show - Slovenia

Basketball freestylers available to book for family fun days in London and the UK

The Dunking Devils are a group of basketball freestylers that have been blowing away audiences for over a decade! Having performed their unusual basketball show on more than 900 occasions in 35 countries and across 5 continents. They are a great Olympic sports act! 

Reasons to book these artists 

•    We provide you with either a small group or large group of basketball freestylers

•    This unusual basketball show appeared on Britain’s got talent and received 4 yeses

•    The acrobatic basketball dunking group have a long background in sports, gymnastics and events

•    Different unusual basketball shows available from LED to inspirational

•    The Olympic sports acts have previous clients including Coca-Cola and Chevrolet 

Acrobatic Basketball Dunking

As a freestyle sports agency, we are proud to show off these fantastic basketball freestylers and their brilliant Acrobatic basketball dunking. The Olympic sports act and unusual basketball show have vast experience and have even appeared on Britains got talent. 

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As a freestyle sports agency, we provide the very best Olympic sports acts and Basketball freestylers. What could be better than an unusual basketball show full of acrobatic basketball dunking?

Our basketball freestylers have performed their Olympic sports acts across the world and have even performed on Britain’s got talent where they received four yeses from the judges. The acrobatic basketball dunking was proven a hit with the audience. 

Our freestyle sports agency will provide you with 4, 5 or 6 basketball freestyles and they can perform in the dark with LED costumes or perform outside/ in the sports hall and other venues. The unusual basketball show is created by these fantastic acrobats who are highly experienced in basketball, acrobats and gymnastics. The basketball freestylers are flexible and will wow their audiences with unique moves that others think would be impossible!

This Olympic sports act offers a range of different performance options from inspirational shows, dunk circus, shows for TV, LED shows and more showing that the acrobatic basketball dunking is versatile and unique from other similar Olympic sports acts. 

This freestyle sports agency ensure that all acrobatic basketball dunking is of high quality and this act certainly is with previous clients such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, BMW, Volkswagen and many more high-end clients. 

Our group of basketball freestylers love to get the audience involved and interact with their audience during their unusual basketball show. They have performed over 1400 shows in 43 countries and are a worldwide hit with their crazy viral videos.

Book our freestyle sports agency and Olympic sports acts for sports themed events, corporate events, family fun days, weddings and more in London and the UK. Looking for something truly unique and exciting? These Basketball freestylers are right for you!