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Dwarf Aliens

Dwarf Aliens for hire. Our alien dwarf performers are available to book for sci-fi themed events, product launches or corporate events in London & the UK.

Some say super cute and cuddly – others say incredibly freaky and scary!

Our Dwarf Aliens are essentially costumes that our professional Dwarves wear to roam about events whilst scaring or charming guests. Our Aliens are the best known to man and definitely the best you will find… on this planet at least.

Our Aliens are great for all sorts of events, including sci-fi themed events, family fun days, corporate events and much more. 

If you would like to view more sci-fi-themed entertainment to hire for themed events, then please take a look at our Pinterest board below. We also have a second Pinterest board where you can view more general entertainment to hire for corporate events in London & the UK.