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Enchanted Forest Themed Parties & Events

How to host a winter wonderland themed event. See how we achieve our winter wonderland events in the UK.

Castaway what you think you know about events and take a peek into the world inside the enchanted forest. With this theme, you and your guests are plucked from reality and taken on an experience that features mystical creatures, spectacular scenery and more. Here are just some of the things offered with our enchanted forest themed events:

  • Extremely realistic nature props and decorations
  • Enchanted forest themed venue dressing 
  • Themed catering services
  • Complete room/venue transformation
  • Enchanted Characters & Entertainment
  • And more

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Why choose an enchanted forest themed event production? 

With toadstool props, large-scale trees and other nature-themed decorations, our enchanted forest themed event productions are a truly breathtaking theme for weddings, parties and more.

As our enchanted forest themed event productions use natural event dressing and fantasy characters, your guests will feel like they’ve been transported into the middle of a fantasy film! With this theme, you can bring the best parts of nature and the woodlands indoors for a magic evening. 

Ideas & inspiration for nature-themed events 

On this page, you will be able to find ideas and inspiration for hosting your next enchanted forest themed event. You can use these props for a wide range of events throughout the year and choose between several enchanted forest prop and decoration options. 

Any event can be enhanced with the use of a theme, for example, our enchanted forest themed event transformations are an excellent way to theme your wedding services and receptions. Due to its natural style of event dressing, an enchanted forest theme is a very good romantic setting. 

In addition to using our nature themed venue transformations for your wedding events, you can also use our woodland theme for private parties also. Having a natural theme for your private party is a great way to celebrate an occasion as it has the feeling of an indoor festival. 

Enchanted forest themed props & decorations 

We offer a huge selection of enchanted forest theming options including a range of themed decoration, enchanted forest props and other amazing features like nature styled table displays.  Our team will work you to give you ideas and inspiration for your nature themed event as well of planning the whole function!

You can choose exactly what goes into your nature themed event by choosing from our website or making specific requests with the team. We work hard to make sure that you have everything you need to host the perfect themed production.

Nature & Echo-Themed events for weddings & Garden Parties

A huge part of our enchanted forest theme is the natural decorations and echo themed dressing. The natural props and decorations are a perfect way to add some more nature into your garden event with a creative twist of design and elegance. 

By using a natural theme at your event, you are able to transform a simple garden event into a paradise of nature and greenery.  

If you would like to see more of the enchanted forest themed events and other similar themes, then head over to our Pinterest page below, where we showcase a wide range of props, decorations and entertainment. If you would like to see some of our other themed entertainment options then you can find the rest of our acts through our entertainment page.