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Entertainment on Ice - UK

Ice Rink Hire

This provider of entertainment on ice is ideal for any shopping centre entertainment, corporate entertainment and much more. The ice skating shows for hire are able to adapt the shape of their ice surface, can provide a range of sensational acts and much more, making them able to suit your needs, whatever they may be.

Reasons to Book This Artist

•  Our provider of ice skating shows hire international ice skating stars

•  They have provided their shows for the likes of Channel 4, Swarovski and Formula 1

•  The ice skating stars use truly visually stunning, high-quality costumes

•  The ice skating shows for hire give your event a 'Wow Factor'

•  The ice rink hire is perfect for a range of events - winter, corporate, shopping centre entertainment...

Read more about our ice skating shows for hire below!

Our ice skating shows for hire are perfect for putting on an enjoyable event for you and your guests to enjoy. The quality of the performances are seriously impressive and will not fail to stun your audience. Perfect for making your event truly memorable.

With the range of performance options our ice skating shows for hire offer, such as: 'Snow Globe Ice Skater', 'Ambient Performances', 'Bavarian Curling', 'Alice's Wonderland on Ice' and much more, all varying in timing / number of sets / skaters, they are a suitable provider for a wide range of events - whatever the occasion may be, they will provide a stunning show.

The quality of the skaters they hire a truly world-class and at the top of their game, ensuring your guests will be amazed by whichever ice skating show you may choose.

They have provided their stunning shows for some very high end clients - the likes of Channel 4, Formula 1, Swarovski, Next, Red Bull Racing and much more...

The providers have years of experience in show business and have first-hand knowledge of how to capture an audience and leave them cheering for more!

If you are interested in booking one of our ice skating shows, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team - we are here to help!