Qualified Medical Staff 

When planning events large or small you cannot go wrong to forecast in some event medical and firts aid provisions, we can supply you with the relevant and qualified medical staff to cover your event.

Chris, is an independent Events Medic. who provides single crew cover for small events /sports events. He has spent some years with the NHS as volunteer Community first responder and also some years as an Army medic. His qualification level is FPOS (First person on scene) which is intermediate pre hospital life support and also E.M.T.

Chris has his own AED(automated external defibrillator), Oxygen and BLS kit.

However if you are having a larger event we will happily arrange for a risk assessment and ratio assessment, meaning that you will have the correct amount and calibre of medical cover on hand at your event.

We can also provide longer term medics, for example if you are filming and require an on-site medical professional at all times.