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Exhibition Attractions

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Looking to increase the traffic to your exhibition stand? Well our exhibition attractions are perfect for you due to their innovative nature they will amuse guests at whatever the event is, such as: product launches, exhibitions, B2B trade shows and conferencing. With our experiential marketing strategies along with our exhibition entertainment, our goal is to improve the footfall and bring potential customers to your stand and the way we do this is much to do with the visual appeal of our attractions. We offer a wide variety so we are able to supply a different amusement for each different event making every time unique and different to every other stand, whilst making others envy your attractions. Each of our games make for an entertaining time for guests as they compete to beat their friends, to set a high score or just play for fun. No one is left out as even spectators of the attractions may find it amusing. As most of our attractions are fully customisable as far as the aesthetics go, which means you are able to brand it and promote your company. We at Julia Charles event management pride ourselves on our services and promoting our clients to their true potential and when it comes to exhibition stands, our attractions are a strong way of doing this due to their innovative amusement factor. As some of our attractions are very small it means they are able to fit easily on the stand where as some of them are larger than others and may require some more room. All of our exhibition attractions are available for hire in London and around the UK, should you have any enquiries about our feel free to email us.