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Experiential Events & Brand Activations

Venue finding service for hire. Our venue procurement service is available to book for conferences, product launches or award ceremonies in London & the UK.

Julia Charles Event Management is a creative experiential events agency who are able to deliver meaningful event experiences. With our brilliant team, our passion and our knowledge; we are able to bring people and brands together to create a wealth of engagement for both companies and customers alike. When it comes to experiential marketing events and brand activations we deliver a service which helps companies bring their products and services to life. Some of our methods are unconventional, bold and imaginative and perfect for marketing campaigns that people will never forget. 

  • Budgeting

  • Pop-up venue creations

  • Event production

  • Design and campaign management 

  • Delegate management

  • Logistics

  • Analytics 

  • Event staff

We’ll work with you throughout ensuring everything is taken care of but we understand every event is different so can work with you to make sure it fits your event.

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From the concept to the culmination, we will be helping you every step of the way to produce an informative and memorable conference for everyone who attends. Conferences are an integral part of the corporate environment/(any business). It gives CEO’s and other senior level management the chance to update the rest of the company on how the business is operating, new business standards or other important information.

We want to make sure that the management of your conference is as straightforward as possible. Delegate management is an essential factor of planning a conference, by determining the logistics of large groups of people we can take any possible stress out of the equation. With our efficient venue finding service, we will not only find an accommodating structure, but also one that will inspire the delegates. We understand that the visual aesthetics/presentation of a conference is also important. That is why our conference organisation also includes AV design and event production. Alongside practicality, we can deliver an aesthetically pleasing conference with the finest technology equipment. 

Budgeting is imperative and here at Julia Charles Event Management we will layout a specific budget plan that will never be compromised throughout your time with us. In terms of other fundamentals, health and safety reports and risk assessments are of the utmost importance to us and site visits will be arranged throughout the planning process to make sure every aspect is examined and any possible problems that may arise with are dealt with promptly.