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Fair Ground Rides

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Phoenix Ride for hire. Book our Phoenix fun fair ride for family fun days or Easter events in London & the UK.
Phoenix Ride
Extreme Machine Ride for hire. Book our Extreme Machine Ride for picnic events or family fun days in the UK & London.
Extreme Machine Ride
Twister fun fair ride for hire. Book our Twister Ride for outdoor festivals or family fun days in London & the UK.
Twister Ride
Tagada fun fair Ride for hire. Book our range of fun fair rides for picnic events in the UK & London.
Tagada Ride
Waltzer fun fair ride for hire. Book our Waltzer Ride for summer festivals or public events in London & the UK.
Waltzer Ride
Land Trains for hire. Book our Land Trains for children's events, festivals or picnic events in London & the UK.
Land Trains
Big Wheel Ride for hire. Book our fun fair rides for public events or outdoor festivals in London & the UK.
Big Wheel Ride

Our Fairground Rides for hire are a fun, exciting and nostalgic way to entertain a variety of guests at your event. These thrilling attractions will create so much fun for the whole family to enjoy. We have an array of fun fair rides, so there is plenty for everyone to choose from and enjoy. From the Phoenix Ride and Tagada Ride to the Twister Ride and Waltzer Ride you, your family and your guests will find something to enjoy. One of the most popular forms of entertainment every year is the Fair.

Fun fair rides have truly stood the test of time as they continue to be popular. Our fun fair rides will create a sense of nostalgia for the adults as it takes them back to when they were young and would go on holiday to the seaside and bask in the most fun fair attractions. Our fairground rides will allow you to share those cherished moments with your children and will also allow you to make new ones.

Our fairground rides have varying degrees of intensity. For the wilder thrill seekers amongst your guests, the Phoenix ride would be perfect as the supervisor is able to really ramp up the speed and get set pulses racing. Similarly, as the name suggests, the Extreme Machine Ride is also perfect for the adrenaline junkies out there. If you have younger guests and guests who would prefer to take it slower but still have as much fun, then we also have rides that can accommodate. These rides include the iconic Twister ride and the Waltzer Ride. Our versatile collection of fairground rides ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Our exciting and thrilling fun fair rides are the perfect entertainment option to hire for your event. They will make it a truly unforgettable day and experience for everyone involved. Our fun fair rides are perfect for family fun days, private parties and corporate events. If you would like to view more entertainment to hire for your family fun day, then please take a look at our Pinterest board below. We also have a second Pinterest board where you can view more general entertainment for your event in London & the UK.