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Floret the Sunflower - Todmorden

Floret the Sunflower for hire. Our sunflower stilt walker is available to book for eco-themed events, Easter events or family fun days in London & the UK.

Floret the Sunflower for hire is a beautiful sunflower on stilts that quite literally stands head and shoulders above the rest. Floret is a flower that is bursting with colour and springtime happiness. Our sunflower will be sure to create sunny time for all with her beaming smile and petals. 

Our flower stilt walker has the most beautifully designed costume which includes; gleaming yellow and red petals, a fiery orange centre and a shining green stalk that catches the eye of everyone she meets. Floret the Sunflower is a wonderfully interactive act as she will mix and mingle with guests, audiences or crowds. 

Floret the Sunflower is a fun-filled eco-themed act that is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Stilt walkers are a wonderfully versatile act, and our sunflower stilt walker will be sure uphold this. Floret the Sunflower is the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including eco-themed events, family fun days, Easter events and much more. 

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