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LED Glow Poi Show - London

LED Glow Poi Show for hire. Our LED Poi dancers are available to book for brand activations, corporate events or award ceremonies in London & the UK.

Our LED Glow Poi Show for hire is an exciting LED performance that blends together dancing, juggling and high-end technology to create a truly stunning display.

Reasons to book these artists

•    2 – 16 LED performers 

•    Have performed worldwide

•    LED props are customizable

•    Past events include Star Wars premiere 

•    Dance and juggle to a brilliant soundtrack

Watch it Here!

Watch as our talented Glow performers perform a wide range of tricks and skills in perfect synchronisation. These brilliant LED performers will thrill you as they twirl and swirl in perfect time to the music. Our Glow Performers include stunning acrobatics in their routines as well. This LED act is perfect for a wide range of events including conferences, product launches and much more. 

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Our LED performers for hire offer exciting LED performances and Glow shows that blend together dancing, juggling and high-end technology to create a truly stunning display. Our exciting Glow performers have performed Glow shows all over the world and have gained a massive popularity and image because of the Glow shows. 

Our talented LED performers work in perfect harmony as they juggle, dance and perform acrobatic stunts to a brilliant soundtrack. The whirl of LED lights and colours that appear before your eyes creates a rush and excitement that is second to none. 

These experienced Glow performers thrive off performing a high-energy Glow show to a wide range of clients. The LED performers have created LED entertainment for clients such as the Commonwealth Games, The gadget show, Star Wars premiere and more. With testimonials stating the LED entertainment and Glow Performers in the Glow show were ‘really impressive’ and ‘gorgeous wearable tech’. 

The LED act consists of 2 – 16 LED performers depending on the requirements of your event. The Glow performers are all highly trained and experienced to give your guests the wow factor and to show off what Glow shows should be about. Our Glow performers are highly trained dancers as well as being trained in juggling and acrobatic stunts to create a truly unique LED act. 

The LED performers dance on hoverboard showing that they are unique and highly skilled in LED performing. The Glow performers will dance on their hoverboards leaving guests in awe at their wonderful LED entertainment. The hoverboards that the Glow Performers dance on are also covered in LEDs adding to the overall LED entertainment and Glow show.

 Our LED props are easily customisable for the LED entertainment and Glow show and can be changed to feature your company’s logo or branding which means that this act is perfect for product launches or brand activations across London and the UK. The LED performers will create a unique and bespoke Glow show, particularly for your event. Hire our Glow performers for LED entertainment that you've never seen before!