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Flying Poles Acrobatic Show - China

Flying Poles Acrobatic Shows for hire. Book our Chinese acrobats for gala dinners, corporate events or product launches in London & the UK.

"Flying Pole" is an original program, which has won the International Gold Medal and got the national patent. This truly spectacular show has been performed in Germany, Sweden, USA, Norway and many more countries. It won the Bronze Clown Award at Monaco Monte Carlo International Circus Festival in 2009.

Audiences that witness this show enthusiastically praise its wonderful performance, extensive vigour and strong art power. "Flying Pole" changes traditional immovable poles into movable poles. In every row, there are three poles. They can swing to an angle of 100 degrees at most. Then performers push two rows to swing alternately and fly when poles are swaying, the performers climb and jump quickly between the poles just like nimble monkeys fly in the forest freely. The scene is grand, thrilling and unsurpassed. 

This exciting fact would be the perfect entertainment option to hire for bespoke events, corporate events or gala dinners in London & the UK. 

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