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Frank Bruno MBE

Frank Bruno’s loveable charm and infectious enthusiasm for sport makes him one of the nation’s favourite sporting personalities. A former World Heavyweight Champion, Frank knows exactly what it takes to achieve peak performance and is able to inspire your guests in order to become the very best in your field. As a boxing speaker, Frank delivers anecdotal tales of life in the ring as well as the drive and determination he requires to realise his ambitions and become champion of the world.

Turning professional at the age of 21, Bruno started be recognised due to his early fights being won by knockout, making him one of the most explosive and exciting boxers to watch of the era. Bruno challenged for the World title on three occasions, against Tim Witherspoon, Mike Tyson and Oliver McCall. With both Tyson and Witherspoon too strong of an opponent during the time, Bruno eventually won the title after a gruelling twelve round test of stamina against McCall, where Frank was declared the victor on a points basis. The drive and determination to overcome the adversity of such a tireless training regime and effort needed to sustain his form during a twelve round heavyweight bout makes Frank an ideal motivational speaker to give advice on creating the right state of mind and attitude in whatever you do.

After losing to Tyson once more in Glasgow in 1996, Bruno duly retired and left a legacy of great boxing achievements, including an impressive record of 40 victories from 45 fights. Considering that 38 of the 40 victories Bruno achieved were knockouts, his formidable natural ability and skill are made clearly evident.

After boxing, Frank has become a favourite due to his appearances on TV shows and his personality shining through more than ever. An ideal guest speaker for event and private functions, Frank can participate in question and answer sessions as well as providing anecdotal tales of his former boxing life.